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The Damaged Wheels Is A Reminder Of The Curiosity Rover

The image is bleak with the terrain pushing upwards towards a hazy sky. It’s a  picture and a reminder of how remoted Curiosity — and any robot that’s sent to Mars — really is. It additionally offers an awesome take a look at the form of terrain the rover has to tackle because it continues to journey throughout the Martian surface. Clean rocks battered by dust and wind over thousands of years are punctuated by smaller particles that could threaten to the rover’s damaged wheels.

Despite the dangers, the rover continues to perform. Geographical options like Central Butte present scientists on Earth a transparent take a look at the layering of the Mars panorama, revealing essential particulars about how the planet’s surface has modified over time. Because it slowly makes its means alongside, the rover’s science instruments return data on the chemical makeup of the rock and loose soil.

The Mars 2020 rover can be even higher-geared up to inform scientists precisely what secrets the surface of Mars may be hiding. However, Curiosity is far from complete. The rover’s nuclear power supply can proceed to supply energy for well over a decade, and if the rover’s different techniques stay useful, we can count on it to continue exploring the planet for years to come.

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