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India-China Collaboration for Moon Exploration Could Lead to Counter US Space Dominance

An offer to work jointly with New Delhi to discover the Moon might enhance bilateral relations by Beijing. India’s second lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, blasted off from the Sriharikota space station on Monday. After the successful launch, Chinese Overseas Ministry spokesperson Hua Chungying introduced that Beijing was able to work with India and different countries to explore the space.

China’s mission, the Chang’e-4, efficiently reached the far side of the Moon in January. Changing Chungying believes that joint work would promote a “shared mission of humankind” aimed toward studying extra in regards to the Moon and beyond. The supply might be a manner for Beijing to rebuild relations with New Delhi and prevent Washington from securing a monopoly on the Moon or space in general, analysts believe.

Making ready joint missions in space is a “very sophisticated” endeavor, Beijing School, President of the International Institute of Space Law, advised RT. As such, the Chinese provide is extra of a diplomatic overture than a concrete, ready-to-execute proposal. This doesn’t exclude the potential for the two nations working collectively in a space in the future, however.

Dr. Ram S. Jakhu, a professor of international space law at McGill University, thought equally, noting that the invitation “eventually might, or ought to, lead to joint ventures.”

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